Fall Skin Rountine

I love to say that there are no rules in skincare. Take my bathroom sink for example, it looks like a lab with glass jars, pipettes, and mixing vials. I’m a customizer, I love to create blends that work just for me.  Following is one of my tips that I hope will help you too to fortify your skin as the temps get cooler.  Cold weather, indoor heating, and dry air leaves my skin dehydrated and tight.  A simple yet dedicated routine (with a twist) combats this.
Cleanse:  I start with Fresh Suds Foaming Face Wash.  Just remember: a little goes a long way.  A pearl-sized amount, adding water makes gentle suds.  I massage into my skin and rinse with warm water.  Pat dry.
Mist:  I follow this with a healthy spritz of Sea Salt Hydrating Mist.  This gives my skin a quench of aloe, minerals and hyaluronic acid.  It’s soothing, cooling and plumping.  Heavenly!
Serum & Moisturize:  Here the twist: a pump of Vita C Serum and a pump of Orange Blossom Face Cream are cocktailed together and applied to my skin in all their rich emollience.  I blend one pump of each in the the palm of my hand, apply to the skin and press.  Mixing these two products together, rather than applying each separately, gives my skin the oomph it needs.
So mix it up; there are no rules. Cocktail your products!  Finish with a final spritz of hydrating mist.  Spot treat drier areas with an extra dab of moisturizer.  And for a little extra, place a tiny amount of serum on the pads of ring fingers and tap at the highest points of the cheekbones.  This brings more hydration and a little glow to the area.  Gorgeous!

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