A Cleansing Ritual: Types of Cleansers

Foaming, oil and creamy:  facial cleansers are not created (formulated) equally.  The challenge is to find one or two for your particular skin type.  One or two, because our skin needs can change from morning to evening, winter to summer.  And then there is double cleansing…sometimes on the same day.
It may take some experimenting to find your perfect cleanser, and you may want to have a couple in the rotation.  Let’s get started.
Since this blog is about natural skincare, any foaming/sudsing cleanser will be SLS free sodium lauryl sulfate can irritate the skin, causing contact dermatitis, redness, and allergic reactions to those with sensitive skin.  Our Fresh Suds Foaming Face Wash uses a coconut-derived surfactant to create delicate suds that get the job done.  It can remove makeup and still leave skin feeling soft, not stripped.  Most people love the clean and fresh feeling that a foaming cleanser provides.  To use:  apply to damp skin adding water to create a foam.  Rinse clean and pat dry.
Most cleansing oils are a blend of carrier and essential oils. Carrier oils that make great cleansing oils are jojoba oil, rose hip seed oil, and argan oil.  Essential oils such as rose and lavender provide therapeutic benefits such as softening fine lines and balancing the skin. The nature of an oil cleanser is such that the oil grabs dirt and sebum from the skin, clearing pores while leaving the skin’s acid mantle-the delicate microbiome of the skin intact.  Cleansing oils are great for all skin types.  To use:  a pump or two on dry hands to dry skin.  Massage into skin for a minute, then add water to create some slip.  Rinse clean and pat dry.
These milky, thicker in texture cleansers are great for dry, thirsty, flaky skin.  While foaming and oil cleansers are great for all skin types, creamy cleansers are best for dehydrated skin.  Creamy cleansers are emulsions of water and oil based ingredients and should be non-irritating and gentle.  To use:  apply to damp skin, massaging in a circular motion.  Rinse clean or use a damp cloth to remove.
Hoping this, ahem, clears things up when deciding on a cleanser.  So whether you start or end your day or start and end your day with a cleanser, you have a choice (or three).  Happy cleansing!

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